SellerVue is a platform that offers data-driven insights to help businesses accelerate growth. By providing accurate metrics on (CPU) Cost Per Unit and FBA Selling Fees, SellerVue enables you to make informed decisions that maximize profitability and expand your cash flow zone.

With our help, you can achieve your full potential for growth and increase your bottom line.

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“Having a single location for invoices, and product unit costs that my bookkeeper can just go get has kept everyone on the same page effortlessly.

- Kendra Greene

“Having SellerVue work with my accounting team has been amazing. We've been able to increase my SDE by an extra $18k

- Kelly Palm

“I no longer have to wonder what my margins are, they're always readily available. ”

- Tom Phillips

We don't have to dig through a spreadsheets to figure out our landed unit costs.”

- Murphy O'Neil

SellerVue turned a tedious process to a simple one, we are way more efficient with our numbers.”

- Tim Connor

“Everyone's on the same page. Many of our people are not very spreadsheet savvy, so having SellerVue remove that obstacle is a godsend.”

- Irene Fields

“Love it! Their process makes sense. Every cost has been accounted for, and my margins are accurate, which makes pricing decisions easy.”

- Rachel Bernard


“We can know exactly what our Cost of Goods Sold/Revenue Rate is and what needs to be done and when. We're way more profit efficient.”

- Roger Lavine

“My Accountant and Bookkeeper are absolutely thrilled with SellerVue. They're no longer chasing me for stuff that takes me hours to collect.”

- Emily Wilson

“We have more time to build our business and less time in spreadsheet hell.”

- Andrew Frank

“They added an extra 10k for my Seller Discretionary Earnings.”

- Matt Berg

“Before SellerVue, I'd wait until the anxiety was too much and then I would work on getting my invoices and product costs up to date. It use to take me days. Now with SellerVue, It's always ready. I'm making quicker and more profitable decisions (without the anxiety).”

- Rachel Smith

“The best thing is that I'm no longer getting emails from my Accountant and Bookkeeper asking me to up date my product unit costs. They can literally just go get it themselves. Now that is a win!”

- Morgan Rey


Here's what successful E-commerce business owners and online sellers are saying about SellerVue

Meet Tony,

Before: I felt disorganized. I didn't fully understand my margins, obliviously I had a rough idea. But when the anxiety set in, I would find the time to get back to square one. Multiple spreadsheets and tabs everywhere. I was constantly feeling the pressure, especially when my bookkeeper emailed for an updated list of my product unit costs. It was exhausting."

After: Simply put, our margins are up and so is the profit. Errors are down. I am much happier, I feel less anxiety now and I'm a lot more in control.

Meet Sharon,

Before:  ”Everything felt disjointed, stressful, and impossible. Honestly I was way out of my league. I was growing fast - I was using so many different tools to track my numbers. But I had no idea what to do with them. I tried staying organised, but we were launching new products it was just difficult to keep track..

After: It really felt good to be on top of my numbers. My accountant love it too - as she no longer had to hunt me down every month. I was happy as I felt a lot more in charge knowing that my margins were rock solid.

Meet Allie,

Before:  ”Spreadsheets made both me and my laptop cry with how it consuming my time.” I run my account solo - so I don't always have the time to keep up with new invoices and shipping costs coming in all the time. My accountant handles the majority of my financials but it's up to me to provide accurate units costs.

After: There is just less to do. SellerVue handles this entire piece, it much easier to handle. My bookkeeper loves it, they no longer have to bug me for the end of the month update - they can just go get it themselves.

Meet Katie,

Before: ”I felt like was pretty organised, I had a spreadsheet for everything. I was meticulous with my costs. When I was ready to sell my business, my broker referred me to SellerVue - I wanted to make sure there were no holes when I went through he due diligence. So I thought why not have them check out my CoGS.

”So to my amazement they were able to trim my landed products down, they worked with me to reduce my costs of goods sold - which added an extra $8,700k to my seller discretionary earnings. In terms of my sale that would have left $32,625 on the table - Instead I got to keep it!

Meet Scott,

Before:  ”I was fully unaware how money I was leaving on the table. My margins were good - so when I went to sell my business I was referred to SellerVue for a CoGS audit. I was absolutely shocked. 

After: ”The net result was an extra $219,375 on my valuation. They were able to find errors in my unit costs and once we updated A2X Accounting my CoGS adjusted down 1.18% - On $5 Million in Revenue that was $58,500. My sales multiple was 3.75x - So $219,375 extra. I'd say that's a success.

Meet Alex,

Before: ”I love selling on Amazon - What I don't love is the tedious data entry on spreadsheets. My brain just isn't wired that way. So what I love about SellerVue is the ease that I get my numbers - without spreadsheets.”

It's simple - No more spreadsheets. My costs are always up to date and I can easily see all my cost margins. That's really all I need.

A Method That Gives You Real Results

On average, our clients increase their profit margins 1.50% by month one or two... so if your revenue is $100,000 a month... that's $18,000 MORE a year in Profit!

Keep more of what you earn and invest in growth.

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