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SellerVue can help you simplify your Cost Per Units & go paperless. Keep track of your biggest expense automatically, backed up forever and available on any device. We’ve made it easy to know your costs, so you can be more profitable.

Get real-time updates on uploaded invoices and assigned costs, with instant access to your cost information on the go through the dashboard.

Access all your product Cost Per Unit information conveniently in one centralized location for efficient cost management.

Sync your Google account effortlessly to ensure automatic updates of your costs in A2X, allowing you to dedicate more time to high-value activities.

How COGS Tracking works
Get better clarity into your COGS

With SellerVue, you have everything your business needs to stay organized all in one central place, without multiple spreadsheets. Using the Invoice Manager, you can store digital copies of supplier and shipping invoices, and keep supplier contact information at your fingertips.

No More

Broken Excel '#REF' Formulas.

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Life Before SellerVue

You find yourself staring at numbers on spreadsheet wondering what to make out them, constantly under pressure. You can easily see your revenue and you can vaguely make out what is left over. But you're left wondering - "How can I make this better?"

Life After SellerVue

You've ditched your tedious spreadsheet days, opted for an efficient process with a proven method to know exactly where your business is making money and where it is not. You're cool, calm and collected... and Even More Profitable Than Ever Before.

Step 1

Assign Any Cost on Any Invoice To Any SKU

Effortlessly track manufacturing costs, shipping expenses, and packaging materials, and easily assign any cost to a specific product in just a few clicks. Exclude non-recurring expenses effortlessly from the cost per unit calculation with just one click, ensuring accurate and streamlined cost analysis.

Abigail Higgins
Abigail HigginsAmazon Seller
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@sellervue has saved me eight hours of busy work each week, which allows me to spend more time on my business not in it.
Step 2

Include or Exclude Any Relevant Cost Data

Exclude non-recurring expenses effortlessly from the cost per unit calculation with just one click, ensuring accurate and streamlined cost analysis. Experience real-time updates as invoices are uploaded and costs are assigned, with the convenience of accessing the dashboard on-the-go for instant access to your cost information.

Samir Amari
Samir AmariPhysical Product Seller
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@sellervue worked with my accounting team has been amazing. Together they were able to increase my SDE by an extra $63k.
Step 3

Sync Your Google Sheet with A2X

Now, with all your cost per unit data readily available, you can seamlessly sync your Google Sheet with A2X. This integration allows you to accurately and automatically update costs on the go, ensuring that your financial records stay up-to-date and reflective of the most recent information.

Beth Anderson
Beth AndersonAmazon/Shopify Seller
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@sellervue is so simple - no more spreadsheets. My costs are always up to date and I can easily see all my cost margins. That's really all I need.”

Life Before SellerVue

You're juggling multiple screens, deciphering spreadsheets, and engaging in the ancient art of copy and paste. Tracking inventory on one screen, split shipments on another, and costs hidden in the depths of a labyrinthine spreadsheet and don’t even get us started on box contents!

Life After SellerVue

You've experienced the joy of organizing a shipment with One Click... Two Click... Three Click... Done! As SellerVue swoops in to save the day with its streamlined and simplified supply chain management. Farewell, spreadsheet madness, and hello, organized efficiency!

Why correct COGS tracking is important

COGS tracking plays a pivotal role in accurately reflecting a business’s financial health. Rather than immediately expensing inventory purchases, it’s crucial to treat them as assets on the balance sheet until they are sold. Failure to do so can distort profitability figures, as all inventory costs are front-loaded instead of being recognized when items are actually sold. This method ensures that financial statements portray the true cost of goods sold, providing invaluable insights into overall profitability over time.

However, many businesses resort to “magical math” by creating manual journal entries to adjust inventory figures. Yet, this practice often leads to inaccuracies due to its failure to consider the nuances of various products. For example, shipping a piano entails vastly different costs and revenue implications compared to shipping a box of matches. 

To truly understand business performance, meticulous calculations on a SKU-by-SKU basis are essential. This granular approach ensures that each product’s unique characteristics and associated costs are accurately reflected in financial statements, enabling informed decision-making based on precise data rather than generalized assumptions.

If You Are Selling Any Kind of Physical Product You Need to Understand Every Cost.

SellerVue vs. Your (Ineffective) Spreadsheet. There’s simply too much margin for error, misinterpretation and you simply cannot scale a business from a spreadsheet. We know, because we already tried. It’s the reason we ended up building SellerVue in the first place.

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Turn Paperwork Into Profit

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As an e-commerce seller, the time you spend on bookkeeping could be more effectively utilized for adding new products instead.

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As an accountant, precision is paramount. However, tracking sellers’ cost data can often be a laborious task, with no guarantee of its accuracy.