Five Key Areas to Focus on to Improve Business Productivity

With the current up-trend in e-commerce, now more than ever—time is money.

There are a lot more people buying online and as a seller, what are you doing to increase your productivity?

There are lots of tools on the market that help you sell online, but are all there helping you or are they just a distraction?

Ask yourself, how is that tool adding value to your business?

I know people who have fancy spreadsheets and lots of tools, but they're going out of business. They are going out of business and looking good doing it.

Working from home in this new phase of life, it is really important to look at your productivity.

You've got to dial it in, making sure that you aren't wasting time on tools that aren't serving you.

If you are working efficiently, you are maximizing your opportunities.

Five Key Areas to Focus on to Improve Business Productivity


It’s important to have a defined schedule and stick to it. Create a designated workspace in your home so you can concentrate (and get some noise-cancelling headphones.)

Stick to a regular schedule and avoid your workspace outside working hours.

Remind your well-meaning friends and family that just because you’re home doesn’t mean that you’re available for an afternoon chat.


It’s easy to waste a few hours tinkering with your social media profile, or fiddling with your product description copy. Your time is better spent focusing on the things that contribute to growing your sales and increasing your profit margin.

Then, speed up your productivity by automating any manual tasks.

Data Management

If thinking about your data makes your eyes glaze over, you’re probably not using efficient tools.

As an Amazon Seller, you understand the importance of monitoring, measuring, and analyzing accurate data. Your tools should make it easy to extract, process and analyze the data.

Does your tool provide accurate data? Or is it just providing numbers that look pretty?

Integrations and Automations

No tool sits in complete isolation. Integration and automation can take your productivity to the next level.

With efficient tools, you can cut out repetitive tasks and focus on the more important things in your business (like growing your sales and increasing your profit margin.)

Time Management

How much time does all this stuff take you? How much time are you going to save by choosing the right tools?

If you have doubts if you are using your time sensibly, consider an app with time-tracking features and distraction blocking.

But the overriding thing is you can really waste a lot of time and be very unproductive by choosing the wrong tools.

We’re all in e-commerce. We’re all working. We’re all grinding. And if we push ourselves, and we do everything right, we're the ones that are going to benefit.

And improving our efficiency and productivity is how we are going to get there.