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We understand the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses when it comes to profitability in a multi-channel, multi-marketplace environment. Coordinating profitable SKUs, managing order metrics, accounting, costs, advertising, and more can be overwhelming. That’s why SellerVue was founded by an e-commerce business owner who believed that being profitable shouldn’t be so difficult.

Our founder experienced the complexities firsthand when selling his own e-commerce shop. Coordinating landed costs, buyer negotiations, multiple spreadsheets, emails, and invoices became a daunting task. Determining accurate cost of goods sold, including fees, shipping, and operational expenses, proved challenging. They realized the need for a solution that simplifies and streamlines these processes while ensuring accuracy and auditability.

Driven by his own frustration, our founder set out to build a service and software that would solve these problems not only for his business but for thousands of e-commerce businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers worldwide. We wanted to address the frustration around calculating the cost per unit accurately, accounting for various skus, sizes, and shipments.

Initially, SellerVue primarily provided manual services, but as we grew, we developed powerful software and tools to create an effortless way of obtaining accurate numbers. 

Today, SellerVue supports online sellers, Amazon sellers, business brokers, accountants, and bookkeepers. Our solution enables accurate, real-time calculation of cost of goods sold, empowering businesses to make better-informed decisions, increase profitability, and improve valuations.

Accurate financials obtained through¬†SellerVue¬†lead to better business decisions and increased profitability. While not everyone may be ready to exit their business, having your books and business “exit-ready” means you are constantly focused on maximizing profits and working towards long-term success.

At SellerVue, we are passionate about driving the growth of e-commerce businesses and equipping accountants, bookkeepers, and brokers with the tools they need for accurate financial transparency and automation. 

Join us in the next generation of e-commerce, where profitability is optimized, financials are always dialed in, and businesses thrive in the global economy.

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