Why Bookkeepers Are
Choosing SellerVue.

The real benefit for your clients to knowing and calculating the Cost of Goods Sold (a.k.a. COGS) accurately is that it can help your client profit more, improve cash flow and save money on business’s taxes. 

But the one thing that we've assumed, is that the Cost Per Unit is accurate. 

Here's what customers said when we asked them what changed for the better since switching to SellerVue:

“Having a single location for invoices, and product unit costs that my bookkeeper can just go get has kept everyone on the same page effortlessly.

- Kendra Greene

“Having SellerVue work with my accounting team has been amazing. We've been able to increase my SDE by an extra $18k

- Kelly Palm

“I no longer have to wonder what my margins are, they're always readily available. ”

- Tom Phillips

We don't have to dig through a spreadsheets to figure out our landed unit costs.”

- Murphy O'Neil

SellerVue turned a tedious process to a simple one, we are way more efficient with our numbers.”

- Tim Connor

“Everyone's on the same page. Many of our people are not very spreadsheet savvy, so having SellerVue remove that obstacle is a godsend.”

- Irene Fields

“Love it! Their process makes sense. Every cost has been accounted for, and my margins are accurate, which makes pricing decisions easy.”

- Rachel Bernard

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Say goodbye to chasing clients for their Product Units Costs, and say hello to increased productivity and automation.

Spend less time chasing your clients' for accurate unit costs, and more time running your practice. Special Client accounts are available for unlimited invoice upload and storage. Book a call today!

Software Made by Sellers for Sellers

Get better clarity into your Cost of Goods Sold with a user-friendly suite of tools that put you in control of your Landed Unit Costs.

With SellerVue, you have everything your business needs to stay organized all in one central place, without multiple spreadsheets. Using the Invoice Manager, you can store digital copies of supplier and shipping invoices, and keep supplier contact information at your fingertips.

Invoice Manager Cloud Storage

Manage All Invoices in One Easy To Use Cloud Storage Solution.

The great thing about the SellerVue app is that it doesn’t require you to do anything you’re not trying to do already. It’s just ensuring that the time you do put in is getting you a better, more profitable result. 

And, once you know your accurate costs, you can work on increasing your profit margin so you’re making more money too.

Trackable, Searchable Invoices. Find What you are looking for Quickly and Easily.

Product Catalog Cost Dashboard

One Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard to Keep All Your Landed Product Costs Organised In One Place.

"One of the best benefits of SellerVue is, is taking my unwieldy spreadsheet full of errors and sometimes an utter disorganised mess of invoices shattered through my google drive and inbox. And, organising everything in one place. I no longer have to guess my costs as they are always ready to review."
- Nick Lowe

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Keep All Your Product Costs Organised In One Place.

Supplier Contacts

Keep Supplier Contacts Organised In One Single Dashboard.

"It's as easy point-click-assign-accept. I would have had to have multiple spreadsheets and excel formulas to figure out what this software does automatically" - Pete Sanson  

Save Supplier Contact Details In One Single Dashboard.

SKU-By-SKU Cost Assignment 

Assign Any Amount on Any Invoice to Any Product.

"SellerVue is the only / best tool to help me stay efficient & productive with my Landed Product Unit Costs. Allocating & tracking costs at a product level, helps me stay competitive by having having accurate costs at all times." - Annie Sage

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Split The Invoice And Add Any Amount To Any SKU.

Track Costs for Bundles and Kits

Keep Track of Costs for Bundles, Kits or Subscription Boxes.

"I once heard this... "Stop trying to assign a value to each individual product …there is no point to it." This in hind sight was the worst piece of Amazon selling advice I've ever received. I cost me thousand dollars. Why? I thought I was making a profit, but the margins were way off from incorrect costs. Had I known I would have never kept reordering." - Matt Smith

Easily Track Costs For Bundles, Kits and Subscriptions Boxes.


Businesses Change For The Better When They Work With SellerVue.

If cash could talk, it would totally vouch for us. Until then,
you'll have to listen to these guys...

“We can know exactly what our Cost of Goods Sold/Revenue Rate is and what needs to be done and when. We're way more profit efficient.”

- Roger Lavine

“My Accountant and Bookkeeper are absolutely thrilled with SellerVue. They're no longer chasing me for stuff that takes me hours to collect.”

- Emily Wilson

“We have more time to build our business and less time in spreadsheet hell.”

- Andrew Frank

“They added an extra 10k for my Seller Discretionary Earnings.”

- Matt Berg

“Before SellerVue, I'd wait until the anxiety was too much and then I would work on getting my invoices and product costs up to date. It use to take me days. Now with SellerVue, It's always ready. I'm making quicker and more profitable decisions (without the anxiety).”

- Rachel Smith

“The best thing is that I'm no longer getting emails from my Accountant and Bookkeeper asking me to up date my product unit costs. They can literally just go get it themselves. Now that is a win!”

- Morgan Rey

Before SellerVue: You’re just figuring things out as you go along, wondering where that darn money is. Lots of uncertainty, lots of unknowns, a whole lot more uncertainty and certainly lots of stress. After SellerVue: You know exactly where your business is making money and where it is not. You're cool, calm and collected, as certainty and confidence makes things happen fast... Profitably.

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Profit Boost Guarantee: We're in the business of helping sellers become more profitable and we stand behind that. So if you are not happy for whatever reason - we'll happily refund you.

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